Good News

In one minute

a chaos of words

torpedos to ears who listen for

good news

and the talons of deception feel like feathers to them

The rest of us claw our eyes out

afraid to look

and it is seen as a revolutionary act when we stare

straight on

It isn’t though.

he opens his mouth

and tricks the flies to taste the nectar

and they die with a smile

for something sweet.

Haley. 3

She sat on the wooden bench

Her rain boots dangling

Water dripping

She looked at me for an explanation

So much grief

devastation in a pink rain coat

“Do you want to play with me, Haley?”

I felt smaller than her

Patronizing and empty

I hope she didn’t feel that too

“No” she said.

Her eyes pooled and I drowned

Looking at her for a feeling I could discuss

We are both gasping for air.

Her mom comes

Looking better than I expected

But I’ve never been on a first name basis with it

The closest I’ve been is pink ribbons and commercials

I ask her how she’s feeling

Afraid to pry

Afraid to seem careless

They walk out of the classroom

And I stay on the bench with that little girl

Longer than I mean to.