What a Difference a Color Makes.

A sheet of white

covers the roof

and we all rejoice

Oh, Christmas!

White doves for

beautiful weddings.

a white dress

a brides costume.

oh, weddings!

Dearly departed

black viels

and gloves

into the ground we go.

oh, despair!

and the snow

turns to brown


and we can’t wait

for it to go!

Coffee Strong.

My legs are strong enough to carry me and your burdens

I carry mine in this purse.

It bounces off my hourglass

As the light countdowns.

I begin before it allows me.


My thighs exchange greetings

As I walk to the coffee shop

Necks wind as I sway to the door


Dark skin glistening at the counter

A smile.

Black coffee please.


“Is someone sitting here?”

My stuff is there. All around this place.

You hold your hands up and acquiesce.

Walking backward for your protection.


When I leave I can see noses in the air

Inhaling the fragrance

Gifted to me by my mother

I bring it with me to the street


“Fuck you too then bitch.”

I laugh at how that used to make my shoulders rise.

A corner boy with gutter words

Bitch dripping from his fangs.


Rejection is bitter

To a pack of wolves.


My coffee is stronger than you, boy.