What a Difference a Color Makes.

A sheet of white

covers the roof

and we all rejoice

Oh, Christmas!

White doves for

beautiful weddings.

a white dress

a brides costume.

oh, weddings!

Dearly departed

black viels

and gloves

into the ground we go.

oh, despair!

and the snow

turns to brown


and we can’t wait

for it to go!


I categorize my habits

And rituals

Tone of voice and name

Second-hand characteristics that were given to me piecemeal

By a woman from Connecticut

And a woman from Georgia.

From a place we assume she called home.

But we say she must not be from there.


I can I live in this place

Be born in it

And not be allowed here.


But where I am now

In between two worlds.

The duality stretches me from left and right

Pulling at me

Makes me uncomfortable when I contemplate having to choose one

I don’t know Africa.

I have never been.

I was born here. I am not proud of it.

Who should be?